New Blockchain platform presented in Mexico for the health sector


The Teeb.Health platform is a Mexican platform for digital medical care, developed under Blockchain technology by technicians and doctors in that country in a period of two years, through which health specialists, patients, hospitals and pharmacies, may carry out processes virtually, such as: the issuance of prescriptions, clinical records, consultations, among others. This was reported by the NotiPress newspaper in its August 9, 2020 issue.

The Teeb.Health platform was created by doctors and technology experts such as Fernando Pardeiro, CEO and founder, Giovanni Elioza, Chief Blockchain; cardiologist Sergio Ayuzo, part of the medical team; and Carlos Noverón, Chief Technology Office.

The digital prescription

The forced need for physical distance by the COVID-19, has precipitated the events and adoption of new technologies, in medical consultation and digital prescription.

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One of the challenges faced by these technological initiatives is to adapt to the current legal framework for issuing prescriptions and medical records, without compromising the identity and privacy of patients:

„We are working from the current health regulations, such as the use of digital prescriptions, which is already a system used in Mexico to give security to the user (…) The challenge is focused on people, in transmitting to the patient that he must have control of his health and universalize the clinical file“, reaffirming, at the same time, the commitment of the platform with the transparency and accessibility of the data for the patient, so that he can exercise his right to care in an intelligent and informed way.

In the same line, cardiologist Sergio Ayuzo, maintains that: „Concentrating the clinical information of the patients in a single safe and easily accessible space results in a more efficient communication between doctors and patients, which helps the former to have a better control of the time dedicated to prevention and to the timely and intelligent attention of the latter“.

The Beta version of the Teeb.Health platform will be available in August on the iOS and Android operating systems, with a digital infrastructure supported by disruptive technology such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will offer a digital medical experience with services for both patients, such as medical guidance and digital pharmacy, and for health professionals, who will be able to keep track and control information in their records in a more efficient and secure way, said Fernando Pardeiro, CEO and founder, in his interview with NotiPress.

Online consultation platforms

Currently, Mexico has different platforms Bitcoin Evolution that offer themselves as health service providers, one of them is Doctoralia, which has more than 300 collaborators in the country, with more than 180 thousand health professionals affiliated in its platform for face-to-face consultations, from more than 75 different specialties. The platform has 2500 doctors offering video consultations.

In the same line there are also the Oxidoc platforms, with 30 registered doctors, Doctoranytime, this service is an interface with an encrypted system that offers more than 43 different specialties, Curatech and the Sofia platform.


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